Poetry Month Coming to a Close

April 28, 2011

So we shot for thirty and ended up with twelve song-poems. That’s so much better than nothing. Next year, next year! Meliora! That’s the key — “always better.” Improvement may very well come in fits and starts, but when it eventually shows up, gosh is it invigorating!

Poetry month is coming to a close, but before the door shuts, at least officially, I’ve got some creations of my own to share, mostly in somewhat gestational stages but nonetheless relevant. I need to challenge myself to share my work, and this is one of those times I’ll be using the expanded purview of this blog to explore culture in general. Perhaps one day another blog I set up a long time ago to address culture wholly will find its wings. But I also don’t think it’s particularly healthy to either 1) spend so much of my lifetime online or 2) attempt to run so many gosh-darned blogs.



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