GoTurtleGo is a music and music video blogging project (and, by extension, a general pop culture and social commentary, and sometime criticism, blog) started in 2009 by one Hастя Родионова, but with roots in years much earlier. You can find the Turtle scrobbling mightily at, blissing out on the HypeMachine(GoTurtleGo), and flitting about on Twitter(GoTurtleGo). Nice to meet you, thanks for visiting, and… Cheers!

EXTRA, EXTRA! I’m now also DJ Go Turtle Go on Turntable.FM (often in Turtle’s Tunes, if you follow le link!). Check out my awesome turtle-froggy-bear get-up!

 DJ GoTurtleGo in her amazing

Turtle-Froggy-Bear suit

“…The Strokes never do anything bad.”“Except for yesterday, when they ran over a chmouse…on their unicycles. It was a chameleon mouse so it/he was hard to see. He is succeeded [sic; survived] by his loving wife and little, little baby mouses…four of which he had eaten. His name was Mr. Squeaks…”Hастя Родионова
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