On Fire

February 12, 2011

I want to get in the habit of posting at least every other day, even if I don’t have much to say or anything fancy prepared. After all, my life is music, everywhere you look, in each direction. So here’s a quick little playlist I pulled together on a whim. A special thanks goes to the crazy wiring in my brain, which went from free associating mellow to yellow and eventually somehow to Kings of Leon’s more-plaintive-than-expected crooning of the lyric, “This sex is on fire…”.

Do you have any idea how many songs there are out there that include some combination with “On Fire” in their titles?! Not to mention songs without “On Fire” in their titles but that nevertheless have it as a lyric? Or bands that are named for being on Fire? It’s cah-razy! Anyway, there were way more tunes than I realized even existed, by artists I already love (and therefore you should, too!)… so you won’t have to wish too hard to get a second installment.    :)

It will be quite a while before I get the hang of hosting tunes on my own (which will probably happen for real only when I secure my own domain), so we’ll be relying on the good graces of others for a little while. (Thanks for the bandwidth, guys! I hope you don’t mind too much. If you do, I’m very sorry about being annoying. But I’m probably not giving you that much additional traffic anyway, or if I am, y’all are set up to handle it, I think!) Actually, it’s very frustrating that I can’t upload anything music-wise while I still have space in WordPress (They’ll catch up with the times eventually, right? Space only gets cheaper with time, and attitudes toward music-sharing for the purpose of evangelizing artists only gets more liberal with time, right? …). I’ll have to get back in the swing of using Box for the interim. We’ll probably most often default to my m.o. on the first iteration of this blog — posting hilariously absurd music videos or artsy farsty, avante garde music videos to represent the songs in question as an entire package, with multiple registers of imagery. But today we’ll just send you elsewhere to check out the tunes, because, as mentioned, this is all so very frustrating and time consuming to the amateur music blogger. 

Sex on Fire (Live) – Kings of Leon

Your Head is On Fire – Broken Bells

Sophia – Nerina Pallot

It’s a Fire – Portishead

On Fire – Switchfoot